Rural DDS Office

Rural DDS Office

This 2 ,900 square foot office sits across from an old barn that is part of a train station for grain elevators in rural OK. It was the client’s desire to create a country look to fit in the area while utilizing newer materials that are easy to maintain. The building resembles an old ranch house with a wraparound porch.

The structure includes 4 exam rooms, a consultation room, an office, a waiting area with reception, a lab and a kitchen/break space.

The façade is cladded with limestone in a running bond pattern. The western cedar columns on the porch were left unfinished with the bark still on, but sealed. The concrete porch was scored to emulate wood. The office and waiting room has a polished concrete floor embedded with a wood grid pattern.

We even designed faux outhouse to hide the condenser in the garden area.
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